Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening for a Sparkling Smile

Having a bright, white smile will transform your overall appearance. Here at Fountain Valley Dental, Dr. Whitted and his staff want you to love sharing your smile with others. We have the technology that you need to quickly whiten teeth and get the beautiful smile that will boost your confidence.

It is more effective to get professional tooth bleaching done rather than buying drugstore teeth whitening methods. Your dentist knows your teeth, and has the most advanced whitening technology available. If you want a faster way to achieve more obvious and beautiful results, visit Dr. Whitted, at Fountain Valley Dental, to get your teeth whitened. He provides both in-office and at home treatments to whiten teeth.

Advantages of Professional Tooth Bleaching

Customized Formula for You | When you visit your dentist and discuss tooth bleaching, he can analyze the current shade of your teeth and figure out how bright and white your teeth can become. He can then provide you with the formula for tooth bleaching that will best meet your needs.

Customized Shape for You | Your dentist knows your teeth much better than the standardized whitening kits do. Store bought kits are one size fits all, and do not conform to the shape and structures of your teeth. Our kits include custom-made, custom-fitted trays.

More Comfort | When you attempt to whiten your teeth yourself without instruction or special tools from your dentist, you may end up causing your teeth unwanted sensitivity, white spots, or other issues. When you do in-office teeth whitening, or are given the proper tools for at-home teeth whitening by your dentist, you will have more success and avoid sensitivity.

Whiten Teeth Quickly | You will see results much more quickly when you use professional teeth whitening formulas. When you do in-office teeth whitening, you can see results in as little as one appointment.

Still Convenient | Many people opt for store bought tooth bleaching kits because they can apply them on their own time. Luckily, Dr. Whitted offers at-home teeth whitening trays, so that you can still get all the perks of the store bought kits with much better results. You can whiten teeth on your own time and still expect professional and noticeable results.

Call and set up your consultation today so that we can find the perfect shade of white for your smile.

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