Dental Implants

Funny mature man with beautiful smileGet Your Beautiful Smile Back

Implant dentistry is an effective way to get a realistic and beautiful smile again. Dental implants can improve your health and your appearance for life. Dental implants stimulate your jawbone, which, in turn, keeps your jawbone healthy, and prevents it from deteriorating, or having other issues in the future. Dental implants will keep your beautiful replacement teeth in place at all times, so that you can eat, talk, and care for your teeth as if they are completely natural.

The Implant Dentistry Procedure

When you choose implant dentistry, first, we will place your dental implants. During this surgical procedure, your dentist will implant small titanium rods into the jawbone. You will be given a few months, during which, the rods will fuse with the jawbone. At your next appointment, our team will restore your dental implants with gorgeous porcelain crowns. You can then start enjoying your full mouth of teeth that all feel, look, and function like natural teeth.

The Fountain Valley Dental Difference

When it comes to dental implants, we do things differently at Fountain Valley Dental. Many dentists send their patients away to specialists for the placement of the dental implants. We are qualified to perform each and every step of the dental implant procedure right here in our office. We won’t send you away to find a new office and dentist. You can stay in an office that is familiar with you, your needs, and your teeth.

Our restorations are also different. Our crowns are completely metal-free. We will restore each dental implant with a porcelain crown instead of a metal one. A porcelain crown looks just like your real teeth and will blend in beautifully with your smile. A porcelain crown is also strong and durable like a metal crown is.

If you’re ready to get your appealing and full smile back, and to improve your future oral health, set up an appointment with Dr. Whitted to have a discussion about dental implants.

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