When Do I Need a Root Canal?

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When Do I Need a Root Canal? A root canal is a procedure taken by individuals with a missing tooth or tooth decay. The decay can be on the pulp or root of the teeth. The pulp comprises nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. The infection becomes visible when the decay reaches the software part of the tooth. A root canal is a primary way of revamping a decayed tooth. So, how can you know when to have a root canal? Keep reading to find out.

What is a root canal?When Do I Need a Root Canal?

A root canal can be equated to a tiny roto-rooter to get rid of the tooth’s decay and infection.

The treatment requires the dentist to:

  • Eliminate bacteria and decay from your dental
  • Decontaminate the area with antibiotics
  • Replace the empty roots
  • Seal the area to prevent reoccurrence.

A root canal is the work of a general dentist or specialist, also referred to as an endodontist. Although the procedure replaces the tooth and prevents further decay, it also makes the tooth fragile, which is why the tooth is covered with a crown.

Common Signs You Need a Root Canal!

Severe Tooth Pain

Some teeth trap food for several months without knowing. This encampment of food residues can require a toothpick to remove. The stuck food is a result of gaps in your dental structure. These gaps can become oversized after some time resulting in tooth decay or loss. The encamped food residues can cause pain or sensitivity in a tooth, a primary symptom of a root canal. The pain is periodical and can be a sign of tooth replacement, leading to a tooth canal procedure to remove the tooth.

Darkening of Your Tooth

If you have a darkened tooth, it may not result from root damage. But when one is darkened than the rest, there is a need for a root canal treatment. The darkened tooth may not cause discomfort, but a root canal is needed to avoid complications afterward. This effect can be caused by trauma resulting from a knock-on your tooth after a hard fall.

Heightened Sensitivity

A tooth may be sensitive to cold or hot foods, and it’s time to book an appointment for a root canal treatment. If the discomfort is so severe you can’t chew properly, then a consultation with a dentist is needed before the procedure. However, this cold or hot sensitivity is common among some people, but if the condition persists, the tooth has to be removed due to dead nerves around the tooth. A root canal treatment is the best way to preserve the tooth.

Regular Painkillers to Soothe Your Pain

Painkillers are taken to relieve pain but are not advisable to be taken consistently. If you take continuous painkillers to relieve tooth pain, then a root canal treatment is the next phase. Painkillers may work, but as the decay continues, the effect may become mild on the tooth. Toothaches are the primary cause of sleepless nights, so seeing the dentist is a way to end this pain.

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