Why Does a Tooth Implant Procedure Take Months to Complete?

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Why Does a Tooth Implant Procedure Take Months to Complete? Having a missing tooth is a traumatic experience on the pain it creates and the awful change in appearance. The change also affects the full functions of the mouth activities. It is only natural to request a replacement to fill the gap after losing your tooth to injuries, accidents, or illnesses. Dentists are delighted to fill missing teeth immediately to avoid permanent damage such as shifting teeth, deteriorating jaw, pain, and so on. However, the process takes several months to complete. Why does a tooth implant procedure take months to complete? Here’s why.

PreparationWhy Does a Tooth Implant Procedure Take Months to Complete

Before an implant can be made, there are certain procedures to take. For example, your oral health has to be checked to ensure its ability to harness the full service of a dental implant. The reason for your tooth loss also has to be considered, as you may need some time for your mouth to heal correctly.

The use of antibiotic treatment speeds up the healing process. The jaw bone will be checked to ensure it is strong enough to take an implant. The jaw bone may undergo a bone grafting procedure to prepare the jaw for implants.

A bone graft replaces the jaw bone with another bone to build it up enough to hold the implant. Some dentists use artificial bones. Either way, you’ll have to wait for the grafted bone to heal and grow, which could take several months to reach a suitable size. The mouth will still have to be examined to ensure your dental formation is ready.

Sadly, the time required for a dental implant depends on the patient. If you have excellent oral health and a sizable bone, the next step will begin as soon as you heal. The procedure time could be shorter in such a case than those undergoing the factors mentioned above.

Titanium Implant

Once the check-up has been made and confirmed if your mouth is fit for implants, a titanium implant will be attached to your jaw bone. A hole or oral surgery will be conducted on your jaw bone to replace the missing tooth’s root and impact the mental post. Titanium glue with the bone to form a sturdy base for the entire implant.

Again the procedure requires healing which sadly can take months depending on the individual. Some patients wear a denture to cover the gap when they smile while keeping other teeth in place during this healing.

Adding the Crown

Lastly, the process is at its final stage. When the implant and the jaw align, the abutment is fixed at the top, and a crown is fixed. The tooth created will be specific to fill the gap left by the missing tooth. However, the last procedure will only take a few weeks to heal completely. The procedure could take up to 6 months to start and finalize the process. The procedure cannot be rushed, and everything has to be perfectly fixed to maintain a natural smile. The upside is that a proper dental implant can last a lifetime, let’s say 10 to 15 years.

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