5 Most Common Dental Procedures

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5 Most Common Dental Procedures

There are different types of dental procedures. Some people get this procedure done for cosmetic reasons, while others want to wear a better smile. Your dentist might recommend a dental procedure if you feel pain or have an injury or infection in your teeth. No one likes losing a tooth or battling gum disease due to negligence. Here are the five most common dental procedures you can get. Also, remember to have your dentist recommend the right one for you. A regular examination from your dentist is suitable for your oral health.

5 Most Common Dental Procedures

Dental Implant:

The dental implant replaces the root of a tooth with titanium. It’s a prosthetic tooth which replaces any missing tooth in the mouth. It can either be temporary or permanent, depending on your dentist’s recommendation. The dental implant gets done through a surgical means placed into the jawbone. When the implant is fused in the jaw bone, even though it is artificial, no one will be able to tell. This is because it mimics a natural tooth. The implant is mainly made with titanium, so the body doesn’t dictate it as a foreign object. The procedure is pain free and shares the same discomfort as tooth extraction.

Teeth Whitening:

Also known as teeth bleaching, this procedure aims to give you a better smile. Teeth whitening can be done at home, but it is safer to visit a dentist for this procedure. The principal tool for teeth whitening is peroxide-based bleaching agents. If this procedure is not done right, it can lead to tooth sensitivity. After getting your teeth whitened, the dentist will advise you to avoid certain beverages with tannin and acidic components. Daily flossing, rinsing and brushing will maintain oral health after teeth whitening.

Dental Braces:

There are five types of dental braces. Each has a different purpose in serving your oral health. Braces help to correct problems with the teeth. It fixes crooked teeth and crowding and also arranges any teeth that aren’t aligned. Dental braces are common among teenagers, but since everyone deserves a normal bite, anyone can get dental braces. Braces have brackets, and orthodontic bands are put at the back of the teeth and they act as a handle for the wires holding the teeth. The length for wearing braces depends on the reason for getting them. Most people wear their braces for months, while others could last for three years.

Dental Extraction:

If you’ve ever had to remove a wisdom tooth, that’s precisely how tooth extraction works. When you have a tooth infection, tooth decay or crowding, the dentist will recommend a tooth extraction. It is easier to remove the tooth on the surface as a broken tooth requires more surgical attention. Before you go for tooth extraction, let your dentist access your medical record. The chances of feeling pain during the extraction are less.

Dental Sealant:

The procedure provides the teeth with a protective shield, usually at the back of the teeth, to prevent tooth decay. The sealant is a protective cover made of plastic. Dental sealant is an easy and painless procedure. It prevents cavity-causing bacteria from damaging your teeth. It is mainly done on children after their milk teeth fall out. The dental sealants are clear and create a bond with your teeth. If reapplied, the sealant can last for years. It is a suitable procedure for your dental health.

5 Most Common Dental Procedures – Your oral health should be your priority. See your dentist before you proceed to conduct any dental procedure. What dental procedure have you done? Were there any side effects?

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