When Do I Need a Crown and What Are They For?

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When Do I Need a Crown and What Are They For

When Do I Need a Crown and What Are They For – As we get older, parts of our bodies become more prone to damage than the others, and as a result, we have to start paying more attention to these parts of our bodies. One of the parts of our bodies that will experience a breakdown as we age is our teeth. Either by a fault of ours or not, our teeth may encounter decay or injuries and, as a result, become loose. When this happens, we need to protect them, where a dental crown comes in.

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that you can fit over your tooth like a snug cover, protecting it from damage and retaining your right to eat steak. While the cap is on, it covers your tooth, restores the shape and size, and then gives it a better appearance. With the dental crown on, no one would ever know that something was wrong with your tooth as it is cemented in. Only the visible parts of your tooth are covered by the dental crown because these are the parts that you show.

When do I need a dental crown?

You may be wondering when you will need a dental crown because they seem like something you may not really need until later. So here are times when you may need dental crowns.

When you have had an injury: If you have probably been in an accident and you ended up with more than one broken tooth, you will need dental crowns to speed up your healing process, and protect your teeth, while retaining aesthetics.

When your teeth have gone through a large restoration: After a large restoration has happened to your teeth, your teeth become prone to fracture. The crown protects the teeth, allowing the restoration to take place the way it was meant to. So, if you have gone through a restoration, then you will need a crown.

What are dental crowns for?

Dental crowns have many important benefits, and here are some of them

It keeps a broken tooth together: A tooth does not just crack in two all of a sudden; unless there was an accident that forced this to happen, the breaking process begins slowly. With a dental crown, if noticed on time, you can keep your tooth from falling apart by fitting it into this hat.

It restores worn-out teeth:

Remember when we said earlier that sometimes, our teeth just begin to experience damage with age, we meant that they wear out. When your teeth begin to wear out, leaving them exposed can pose more danger if you are not careful. Instead of having to watch yourself every now and then, fitting your teeth into dental crowns protects them from wear and tear. With the dental crowns on, your teeth have time to rejuvenate themselves instead of breaking down on you.

It protects a tooth with large fillings:

When a tooth has had many parts of it broken, you often need a filler to cover those places which no longer exist. However, these fillers will not stay forever; they will often break apart sometimes because they are not as strong. A dental crown will help keep the fillers in place so that they do not break.

It covers misshapen teeth.

Other times, a dental crown can act as makeup for teeth. Growing up, you may have taken some medication that severely discolored your teeth, or you probably just had misshapen teeth as a child and never had braces; a dental crown can cover this up. The dental crown looks like real teeth, but in this case, better than real teeth. Once it has gone over the teeth, no one can see the parts that you are not comfortable with showing.

Dental crowns are important to keep your teeth beautiful and safe. Think of them as an extra help for your teeth when you can no longer help them yourself. If you are thinking of getting dental crowns today, consider this piece as your go-ahead.

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