How To Choose The Best Dental Crown

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How To Choose The Best Dental Crown

Dental crowns are the trending teeth fashion in the world. The piece covers the teeth protecting their health and functions from severe damage by injury or decay. In addition, they can save you from losing a tooth. Dental specialists have created many crowns in different sizes and shapes to suit every tooth. The choices can be overwhelming, but everyone has a fit for their treatment needs. So ensure you get suitable material for your teeth.

Types of Dental Crowns

Metal (Gold)

Metal dental crowns are popular and look like gold crowns forged from copper and other metals. The combination makes them solid and durable, and they wear down slowly without causing harm to your teeth. However, not everyone can enjoy long-time crowns, which is why they are suitable for back teeth. In addition, the crown presents an aesthetic nature to your smile.


Porcelain metals are natural and are similar in color to teeth. They are forged to fit each person and are transparent. They are the balanced crown for tooth restoration. The downside is that this type of crown is less durable and can easily chip off, making them less suitable for the molars.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM)

PFM (porcelain-fused-to-metal) crowns have an attractive appearance and strength. They are created from the natural look mixed with metal amalgam interior for durability. They are flexible, strong, and pleasing without damage under proper care. However, the instrument is not a match for people suffering from gum recession. Due to fewer gums, the metal can be visible as a gray line on the gum line.

Know the reason behind getting a crown

Crowns can hold broken teeth, add strength to a tooth, dental implants, and bridges, and replace 50% of your teeth. In addition, they are there to fortify the tooth, adding more life. Here are ways to get the best dental crown if you need one.

Compare costs

Price is an integral part of dental care. The market has many dentitions with comparable prices. Some prices are higher due to location, educational background, health plan, etc.; however, first, check with your insurance company on your health plan. Every insurance has terms and conditions for such care, but cosmetic crowns are generally not part of insurance. All-resin is cheaper. The material used to forge the crown is less expensive than others, but wear-off is inevitable. In addition, each crown will have to be replaced after losing a feature. Finally, if you have no insurance claim, ensure the price is within your budget.

Consider gold

Gold is most times encouraged material for dental crowns because of its strength. It has resistance to cracks or breaks. The materials used for gold crowns don’t wear off nor wear the next tooth. Many people prefer the crown because of its color, but it is the best dental crown and can hold the molars. They have a long life span and strengthen biting and chewing ability. Gold, platinum, and metal alloys are all cost-effective crowns and durable for the back teeth, keeping them hidden.

Consider appearance

If you’re seeking appearance, seek porcelain. These dental crowns are transparent and suitable for people with allergies. Some porcelain is fixed with metal giving them more authenticity; however, the metal is visible to the eyes. The strongness of the crown strengthens the teeth and increases their chewing and biting functions. You can also use it as an anchor for a bridge.

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